AS A LOYAL member of the Church of Sarrean Alignment, I’m always happy when our Father, Lord Mandek Penha, graces us with his presence and wisdom, whether it be through the gift of music, his identification of those darn Hish-Pigs, or his selfless displays of Sarrean Chivalry on Tinder. Today, our Father has launched a new video – the final one from his new album, Our Present: The Current Earthly Embodiment of Lord Mandek Penha (2018) – and I couldn’t be happier.

The video takes the instrumental track “A Village Story”, which I wrote about briefly in my piece on Mandek several months ago, and uses it as the backdrop for a story book, which our Father presents to some fresh-faced future equals of the church.

The story tells of how Panda lost his friend Lizard to the Beast, but overcame this tragedy by ‘activating the fighting spirit within’© to prove the Beast’s existence to the residents of his village. The story holds many important messages for the youth – on the importance of rest and lunch to the labourer, the need to include all levers of power in order to influence your village, and the correct way to achieve spiritual and economic prosperity. You can see the looks of wonder, befuddlement and joy on the children’s faces as they grapple with these important life lessons.

With its rich instrumentation, “A Village Story” was a great track to begin with. But it works just as well in this setting, where its dramatic ebb and flow matches the highs and lows of the narrative perfectly.

Check out the video after the jump.


“A Village Story” video (2018)

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