WEIRD MUSIC IS made by odd people. From brown-acid freaks and electro-geeks to noise-rock creeps and everything in between, these are the performers and bands that make Ugly ‘n’ Weird what it is.*

The fringes of pop’s history have always been inhabited by those who trade in the strange and disagreeable. Sidestepping what’s expected of them, they lurch, reel, and stagger to their own crooked rhythms, avoiding the path most travelled in favour of broader horizons of creative freedom. The results are not always pleasant, but they’re perversely enjoyable, and contribute to a legacy of weirdness and originality that begs for further exploration.

Each of the following artists has left popular music a stranger place than they found it. And there are plenty more to come.

Alice Donut

The Birthday Party


Butthole Surfers


The Flying Lizards


Mr. Bungle

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

* Artists marked in bold within the bios and album reviews on Ugly ‘n’ Weird are those I consider to to fit the paramaters of this type of music, and will eventually be featured on the site. Those artists not bolded fall outside the purview of Ugly ‘n’ Weird.