Disco Volante

Artist: Mr. Bungle
Warner Bros.
Mr Bungle
Cover art: Arthur Hertz/Wometco Enterprises
Length: 68:45

NAMED THE WORST album of all time by the NME, who gave it zero out of five stars, there are no half-measures with Mr. Bungle’s sophomore effort. People either love or hate Disco Volante, an uncompromising album that makes the band’s debut sound like the funky pabulum of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Mr Bungle

The main thing we see when we look into an audience is people laughing at us. It’s perfect…. They just have this look on their faces like they’re watching a cartoon or something.

Trevor Dunn, Sounds interview, 1991

Formed: 1985, California, USA

Featured album: Disco Volante (1995)

LIKE MANY PEOPLE of my age who grew up with Faith No More’s adventurous alt-metal in the nineties, I eventually discovered their singer Mike Patton’s ‘other’ band and promptly had my quaint ideas about music exploded forever. Mr. Bungle gave new meaning to words like ‘eclectic,’ ‘alternative’ and ‘extreme,’ irrevocably corrupting my mind and opening my unsuspecting ears to a new dimension of musical possibilities.

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