Orgasm_Cave Rock

Artist: Cromagnon
Label: ESP-Disk
Producer: Austin Grasmere, Brian Elliot
Cover art: Howard Bernstein
Length: 41:33

ORGASM/CAVE ROCK is the holy grail of lost freakout classics, a violently original work from 1969 that was so far ahead of its time, it was ancient. Like the mysterious monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey released the year before, it’s an artefact that transcends time, having a strange effect on all who come into contact with it.

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I think it was Brian [Elliot] who said ‘You know, Elvis [was] shaking his hips with his acoustic guitar and people were freaking out. Ten year’s [sic] later there’s Hendrix spraying his guitar with lighter fluid and setting it on fire – what the hell is gonna happen in thirty years?

Salvador Salgado, Orgasm liner notes, 2009

Formed: 1969, Connecticut/New York, USA

Featured album: Orgasm/Cave Rock (1969)

CROMAGNON’S MUSIC MIGHT be as primitive as the band’s name suggests: an elemental stew of grunts, screams and people hitting things, with about as much structure as an amoeba. But these hedonistic barbarians were among the first to chart rock’s outer limits, mapping terrain that is still being explored to this day.

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