Back when I first created this site, prior to taking everything down and focusing on an Ugly ‘n’ Weird book instead, I used to post the odd bit of ‘news’. I put that in inverted commas because I know I’m not a journalist.

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… we decided that our music would be better and more unique if [we] weren’t ‘scared’ of being stupid and un-cool.

Tomas Antona, Prindle Record Reviews interview, 2007

Formed: 1987, New York, USA

Featured album: Bucketfulls of Sickness and Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life (1989)

JELLO BIAFRA DESCRIBED them as ‘the missing link between R.E.M. and the Butthole Surfers’. There’s a kind of truth to that epithet, because under Alice Donut’s acid-punk slop and crude sense of humour lies a knack for melodic songwriting that could’ve made them huge. If only they weren’t so damn demented.

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Butthole Surfers

We… come from the same place of just hating what we heard, and wanting to make something that was even worse that people would hate even more and somehow get paid for it. That’s what we were trying to do; make the worst records possible.

Paul Leary, Our Band Could Be Your Life, 2001

Formed: 1981, Texas, USA

Featured album: Locust Abortion Technician (1987)

IF IT’S TRUE what French symbolist Arthur Rimbaud said about a systematic derangement of the senses being the source of true creative inspiration, then the Butthole Surfers might just be America’s greatest artistic visionaries. There are few audio-visual experiences as mind-shatteringly disorientating – to band and audience alike – as a Butthole Surfers show.

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