They Were Wrong So We Drowned

Artist: Liars
Label: Mute
Producer: David Sitek, Liars
Cover art: Beate Schlingelhoff-Gross
Length: 40:42

‘I NO LONGER want to be a man, I want to be a horse,’ Angus Andrew chants on “Broken Witch”, the opening track of Liars’ second full-length album, They Were Wrong, So We Drowned. A statement of intent, this incantation expresses not just a wish for transcendence from humanity, but the band’s messy transformation from your garden-variety dance-punk act into a herd of untamed art-punk weirdos.

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Flying Lizards (album)

Artist: The Flying Lizards
Label: Virgin Records
Producer: David Cunningham
Cover art: Laurie Rae Chamberlain
Length: 44:05

RECORDED FOR THE princely sum of £6.50, The Flying Lizards’ breakthrough single “Money” may not prove that the ‘the best things in life are free’, but it suggests that they need not be expensive. The modest production values and absurd humour of this insanely catchy song and its predecessor “Summertime Blues” set the tone for the group’s debut album, which finds homespun fun in the avant-garde.

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Flying Lizards

… I’ve always toyed with the idea that the Flying Lizards represented rock and roll from some sort of alternative universe.

David Cunningham, Zigzag magazine, 1984

Formed: England, 1976

Featured album: The Flying Lizards (1980)

THEY MIGHT BE remembered as little more than one-hit-wonders for their robotic cover of Barrett Strong’s “Money (That’s What I Want)”. But there’s more to The Flying Lizards than a novelty single, albeit a brilliant one. Straddling the creative ferment of post-punk and the commercial appeal of new wave, The Flying Lizards resist easy categorisation, joining the likes of The Residents and Devo as avant-garde pop deconstructionists of a most peculiar nature.

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